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Automation World is the leading media brand for reaching today's industrial automation professionals.

Professionals in manufacturing automation have been depending on Automation World for their business intelligence since 2003. Our advertisers enjoy a monthly reach of 59,000 professionals via our magazine and over 51,700 unique visitors to our website. Our social media channels connect with 45,000+ professionals across a variety of platforms, and our e-database connects digital advertisers with more than 77,000 professionals online.

Connect with executive management, operations, engineering, and IT professionals in discrete and batch manufacturing and the process industries. Our knowledgable and unbiased editorial coverage focuses on successful implementations of automation. We keep our readers informed about products, technologies and strategies for process, batch and discrete control; software; safety; and the management of assets, information and energy. Our acclaimed coverage of “the how and why of manufacturing automation” offers a wealth of options for increasing your brand awareness and generating leads. 

unduplicated reach

Our three distinct audiences have relatively little duplication

Automation World's various advertising channels – magazine, email, and Web – offer distinct, unduplicated exposure for your message. Because there is relatively little audience overlap between channels, choose an integrated ad program to combine audiences for the largest total reach.

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“Excellent magazine ... I regularly forward it to my colleagues.”


“Since travel budgets to go to seminars/conferences are minimal, I rely on Automation World for up to date information.”



“Keeps me up to date with latest, emerging technologies and real products and where/how they were applied to deliver solutions or improve productivity.”


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