4 Shout-Outs to Publishers Doing Their Part During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Despite difficult times in the publishing industry, we give praise to those lending a helping hand.

April 10, 2020

Folio: Magazine Staff

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Here we are in week three of our new (hopefully short-lived) weekly roundup of praise for publishers doing their part to give back to their communities and readerships during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s heartening to see publishers act selflessly, despite the challenges their own businesses and work forces face.

Here are this week’s shout-outs.

Yankee Magazine

Many publishers are lifting their meters and paywalls to offer readers important COVID-19-related information. Yankee is taking it a step further and is opening up all of its content on NewEngland.com. Additionally, the publisher is offering online readers first glance of its May/June “Best of New England” issue for free before it hits the newsstand and subscribers’ mailboxes.

“With businesses so heavily impacted by the pandemic, we are hoping that making the Best of New England issue available to everyone online will provide a much-needed boost to the New England small businesses featured in the Hall of Fame section,” says Brook Holmberg, Yankee publisher.

PMMI Media Group

In an effort to rally its community of manufacturers, PMMI Media Group sent out an appeal on behalf of the National Association of Manufacturers asking suppliers to volunteer critical products and services to ease the impact of the outbreak. The company sent the email to every member of its audience, across its portfolio, and had a 40% open rate. Now the company is working directly with NAM to connect the association with respondents who raised their hands to help.

Lessiter Media

The Wisconsin-based agricultural publisher also recognizes the value of providing valuable, free information to its readership. No-Till Farmer and American Farriers Journal are both providing free access to their content through May, which is typically only available to subscribers.

“Our pubs’, audience and influence is very grassroots, and the path from paper to practical application of the business strategies we share is very short and direct,” says marketing manager, Dallas Ziebell. “So the quicker we can get our premium content to our audience, for free, the sooner it has a chance to impact their businesses positively and help them avoid and overcome challenges presented by the pandemic.”

DC Comics

The storied comic publisher behind Superman and Batman is partnering up with Book Industry Charitable Foundations and has donated $250,000 to help comic book retailers during the economic crisis. Additionally, the company is donating the proceeds of an auction featuring 60 pieces from renowned illustrator and chief creative officer, Jim Lee.

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