New Tools Provide Marketers with Enhanced Behavioral Data at the Contact and Account Level

Recognizing the challenges of lead attribution and marketers’ need for enhanced behavioral data, PMMI Media Group introduces Converge and Scout, two new tools for advertisers.

May 20, 2020

Converge, PMMI Media Group’s new marketing intelligence tool, allows advertisers to see the "convergence" of multiple points of engagement by a single person or by several people at a single company. Via a simple dashboard, advertisers can view multi-touch lead activity from digital media campaigns and offline activity, occurring during the past 12 months, when a contact’s response reaches three or more interactions.

Converge enables suppliers to identify contacts and accounts who are engaging the most with their marketing campaigns over time. Clicks, downloads, registrations, Facebook likes and shares will be displayed. This enhanced intelligence offers more meaningful leads data for sales teams who can focus on the accounts who are signaling greatest interest by their behavior.

In addition to showing the contact and account name and location, the dashboard also groups multiple contacts who are employed by the same corporation, including those with dissimilar geography or company name. This enhanced view of data is informed in real time by Dun & Bradstreet’s relational database, part of the brains behind Converge.

Converge displays data drawn from PMMI Media Group digital campaigns, booth scans from PACK EXPO or other PMMI trade shows, and can also include data from campaigns or booth leads outside PMMI Media Group, if the advertiser chooses to upload the results. (This data will be walled off from PMMI Media Group’s database – in a private “data vault” inaccessible to any other company or PMMI Media Group.)

PMMI Media Group is also offering a companion technology called Scout, which tracks activity on the advertiser’s website after a prospect clicks on a PMMI Media Group digital campaign. Scout can identify what was previously anonymous traffic. Enabled by adding a simple script to the site code, Scout continually “listens” to Web traffic. When it detects a visitor from a PMMI Media Group campaign, Scout snaps to attention, logging which pages were visited and which videos viewed. The Web activity appears in Converge, whether it’s from a single visit or multiple visits over time.

Scout enables marketers to identify prospects who are heavily engaged with specific pages or products their website. And unlike marketing automation software, there is no configuration or setup with Scout, aside from dropping a line of code onto the website.

Both Converge and Scout are compliant with data privacy regulations, which can affect the availability of some data in Converge. Laws are continually evolving, and PMMI Media Group will be monitoring new requirements and updating the technology to always be in full compliance. For advertisers who use Scout, boilerplate language for updating site privacy policies will be provided.

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