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We conduct custom research studies for your company


What we do.

PMMI Media Group Custom Research explores the trends driving your business, and your current position in the marketplace. Our research helps you develop a brand and business strategy by providing a robust analysis of:

  • Current brand awareness and perception of you and your competition
  • Insight into your prospects most critical needs

Armed with this information you can develop a marketing strategy uniquely suited for your brand that will generate a strong return on investment.

How we do it.

Based on your needs, we conduct a tailored mix of in person and online research, workshops and focus groups with your targeted customers. Our proprietary, comprehensive customer database delivers unparalleled access to the decision-makers you need to reach and, more importantly, understand.

Product Development

Gain insights about what buyers want and are expecting from you.

  • Most important value sought by buyers in your product category
  • Customer pain points addressed by your products
  • Misconceptions about your products/services
  • Trends, market insights, go-to market strategies and pricing analysis to strengthen new product launches


Discover how you fit into the competitive landscape.

  • Brand perception in areas such as quality/reliability, innovation, ease of use/changeover, pricing, TCO, service and support
  • Views on your competition and their products/services
  • Perceived value proposition
  • Product line awareness and perception

Thought Leadership

Provide your customers with exclusive market insights.

  • Exclusive market intelligence to share with your customers and strengthen your position as an industry authority
  • Trends to guide future strategies and planning

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