We can help move prospects
from awareness to action.

Grow your business with a media partner who knows your customers.

Build Awareness

Creating awareness of your brand and products is the first step in the sales process

Brand building doesn't happen overnight and it's an essential investment for a successful marketing plan. We can keep your name in front of our engaged professionals 365 days a year with relevant, original content that speaks to their needs.

Sayaka Eiki

“PMMI Media Group never stops transforming ... by adopting new approaches for ever-changing business trends.”

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Lead Generation

Fill your sales team's leads pipeline

Whether you cast a wide net or identify a more defined list of prospects, we can help you uncover new opportunities for your sales team. Our comprehensive audience data ensures your message reaches your intended audience.

Sarrina Crowley
Mettler Toledo

“[PMMI Media Group] has many products and a large circulation. So overall it's a great place to put your money.”

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Drive Web Traffic

Want to drive more of the right people to your online content?

Our social media and web campaigns and our signature Leaders Programs are designed to boost site traffic. Select your audience from our 250,000+ engaged database.

Aimee Weber
Mold-Rite Plastics Corporation

“There are so many things that make working with PMMI a great experience. From the variety of advertising options for us, to the awesome Leadworks system. But if I have to pick the best feature, it's the PMMI team.”

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Trade Show engagement

Promote engagement among PACK EXPO registrants

Research shows that advertising with PMMI Media Group increases PACK EXPO booth leads for all booth sizes and locations. Average lift is 56%!

Cheryl Miller
Multi-Conveyor, LLC.

"Before the show, you need to target people so that they can map their way to your booth. It's important that they're looking at all of the companies that they need to in the same hall, so they don't have to backtrack, or they will miss you. Pre-show advertising is key at any event."

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