Delkor Systems

Success Story

A leader in designing and manufacturing packaging equipment for efficient tray forming of packaging materials

Interviewed in 2019

Delkor's Director of Marketing and Strategic Account Management, Rick Gessler, reaches a targeted audience within PMMI Media Group's database year-round.

"What I really like most, is that it's all under one umbrella. The leading trade show in the industry and the leading publication. So we kind of get one-stop shopping and I can get everything [we need].

As the leading publication, you have access to everyone, but you've also done a good job of segmenting the audience into different categories. So we can tell who we're talking to and/or what equipment they're interested in."

Rick Gessler

Rick Gessler

's Challenge

Rick Gessler

's success

“We love the fact that PMMI and PMMI media group are using the same database. Now it's really a way for all of the data in the industry to be held in one place and for us to access it and know that we're talking to the right people."

How Delkor Systems built their marketing success

Video E-Blasts

"Historically, [we have had] really good results with e-blasts in terms of the number of leads and also the web inquiries that they generate.."

Game Plan and Second Look

"I love these products, how they break things up, and you guys classify the information that I've provided for the different types of users. So both before the show, and then after the show, you get the people that have [expressed an interest for] those different categories. And you feed my exact copy and photos and specifications right to that audience. I think in terms of audience segmentation, nobody else does it as good as PMMI Media Group."

PACK EXPO Booth Videos

"We love in-booth video. The videographer does a good job of editing the footage that he shoots in the booth and captures great video of the machines in operation. So we find good value in having him shoot those videos and then we use those throughout the year, in e-blasts and on our website. The quality of the video production is probably the number one driver."