Success Story

Hitachi is a manufacturer of continuous inkjet printers for industrial coding and marking.

Interviewed in 2019

Hitachi's Sr. Marketing Specialist, Sayaka Eiki, uses PMMI Media Group's products to reach a targeted, specific audience.

"We appreciate that PMMI Media Group always offers new advertising methods, which align with new social trends, user/reader behaviors, as well as offering a great selection of online advertising. PMMI Media Group never stops transforming ... by adopting new approaches for ever-changing business trends."

Sayaka Eiki

Sayaka Eiki

's Challenge

"Our challenge was to find the right audience, which we had targeted ... related to packaging, who need coding solutions."

Sayaka Eiki

's success

"We were satisfied that we were able to dominate the coding/marking [audience]."

How Hitachi built their marketing success

Targeted Branding Ads

"Packaging World has the audience we target. We were satisfied that we were able to dominate the coding/marking [audience] ... showing our brand to that specific audience."

Game Plan and Second Look

“One of the biggest shows is PACK EXPO and we think that both are great tools to remind attendees that Hitachi is going to be/was there. I also like the personalized front cover with name on it."

Facebook Sponsored Posts

"I valued [PMMI Media Group's] unique customer lists that have been collected [over the] years. We hoped that we could reach the audience that we haven't captured on our end. We wanted to plant the seeds to a new broader audience ..."