Ad Strategy

2022 Marketing Budgets in Action

As a follow up to a survey we conducted in 2021 on planned marketing investments for 2022, we conducted a new survey and received 79 responses from B2B manufacturing professionals who shared how they’re spending their 2022 budgets. Here’s what they had to say.

5 B2B Marketing Best Practices Your Peers Are Using—and You Should, Too!

Looking for content marketing inspiration? Check out what these B2B marketers are doing.

Quiz: Are You a Social Media Smarty?

With email challenged by competition for the inbox, marketers are having to up their game on social. Do you have what it takes to succeed? Test your social media smarts with this brief quiz.

Less Is Often More When It Comes to Your Ads

Ad consumption behaviors are changing. The result is many marketers are wasting a lot of time on their campaigns, sometimes even to the detriment of performance.

A New Way to Reach Early-Stage Prospects

Discover how you can start reaching buying teams––even before an active project.

Uncovering the Truth About Banner Ads

Think you know all there is to know about banner ads? Go beneath the surface of most media plans, and you’ll see marketers using them wrong—and you may be, too.

Leveraging Targeted Pre-Roll for Marketing Success

Pre-roll ads deliver a captive audience––but do you know how to sustain interest? Read here for high-performance tips.

Is There a Hole in Your Channel Strategy?

Dig into a lot of marketing plans, and you’ll see them falling short in one key area.

Top Myths About Using Facebook to Promote Your Products

Are you reaching new prospects on social? There are good—and bad—ways to do this. Read this article to learn common myths and ensure you’re using the right approach.

Is It Time to Review Your Marketing Mix?

Does your media plan looks pretty much the same year after year? Read here to learn about potential pitfalls that can result.


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