Content Creation

Top Sources When Choosing a Topic for Your Next Webinar

Coming up with webinar topics can be easy–once you know where to look for ideas.

5 Ways to Use Repurposing to Get More Out of Your Marketing Content

Learn how to get more value out of your existing content by focusing on just a few key areas.

Dos and Don’ts for Creating a Memorable Plant Tour Video

Plant tours are a staple of many company websites. Do you know how to make your next video stand out from the crowd?

3 Notice-Me Ideas for Your Visuals

As more research activity moves on-line these days, how well are your product visuals holding up?

Stop Wasting Time! 5 Shortcuts for Marketers to Conduct Expert Interviews

Wish there were an easier way to come up with content for your next campaign? Read these 5 tips for faster and better interviewing and writing.

Are You a Marketing Ninja?

Discover these "marketing secret weapons” to tackle your next project challenge.

Top Shortcuts for Content Marketers

Faster, better content creation—sound too good to be true? Try out these free or low-cost resources for your next project!

Project Sample: Trend Article

With a trends article, you can identify some of the top issues that should be on prospects’ radar––and drive a ton of downloads. Learn how easy they are to write and view a sample here.

Project Sample: How-To Article

“How-To” articles are great for pipeline and tend to be evergreen in nature. See a sample of how to write one of these articles here.

Project Sample: Case Study Article

Case studies are one of the most popular types of content. (And they’re super easy to write!) Model your next case study after this sample.

Every Marketer's Secret Weapon: The How-To Article

Content creation is key to create a pipeline and foundation for form-based lead generation. One easy way to help feed this content need is to create a small library of evergreen how-to articles. Read on for instructions and a successful sample.

An Easy Way to Create Engaging Case Studies

One of the most effective content resources you can create are customer success stories that focus on best-practice takeaways—and it isn’t hard to do with this simple template.

5 Tips For PowerPoint Presentations That Pop

Consider these tips and practical tools for creating a high-impact presentation.

Writing Engaging (And Easy-to-Create!) Trend Articles

Need to improve your content library but short on time and resources? Use this simple template for an extremely easy way to create trends articles that will get you more downloads in no time. (We’ve even included a project sample!)


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