“I see PMMI Media Group as a leader, especially for digital marketing and digital advertising.”

Shane Novacek


Interviewed in 2019
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“PMMI Media Group never stops transforming ... by adopting new approaches for ever-changing business trends.”

Sayaka Eiki


Interviewed in 2019
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"Before the show, you need to target people so that they can map their way to your booth. It's important that they're looking at all of the companies that they need to in the same hall, so they don't have to backtrack, or they will miss you. Pre-show advertising is key at any event."

Cheryl Miller

Multi-Conveyor, LLC.

Interviewed in 2019

"What I really like most is that it's all under one umbrella. The leading trade show in the industry and the leading publication. So we kind of get one-stop shopping and I can get everything [we need].”

Rick Gessler

Delkor Systems

Interviewed in 2019
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“There are so many things that make working with PMMI a great experience. From the variety of advertising options for us, to the awesome Leadworks system. But if I have to pick the best feature, it's the PMMI team.”

Aimee Weber

Mold-Rite Plastics Corporation

Interviewed in 2019

“[PMMI Media Group] has many products and a large circulation. So overall it's a great place to put your money.”

Sarrina Crowley

Mettler Toledo

Interviewed in 2019

“We're very focused on who we sell to and we had never had a way to target … so that's what got us interested in [PMMI Media Group's] program. You guys take very good care of us ... Leo is my sales person and he's extremely good, very responsive."

Timm Johnson

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery

Interview in 2019

“The people [at PMMI Media Group] are fantastic. They make it very easy and they're very accessible ... I can really feel that they're working for us.”

Sonia Kanaris

Van der Graaf

Interview in 2019

"The new [platform] (eBuilder) to upload the material for the [digital] ad was pretty easy to use for this first time, especially because you can check the full proof and see if everything works fine. It was very quick and straight forward."

Astrid Torresi

Ronchi America, LLC

Interview in 2020

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