Emerging brands central 2024

Connect with buyers live on the trade show floor at PACK EXPO International when you sponsor a panel ad at Emerging Brands Central, an educational stage and resource center in the West Hall—W-20049.

Sponsorship Benefits:

Strategic Visibility
Gain exclusive visibility positioning your brand prominently before a targeted audience. Our platform is designed to highlight exhibitors specifically catering to emerging brands, ensuring that your company stands outto this difficult-to-target demographic in an otherwise crowded landscape.

Connect with Emerging Brands
Connect directly with first-time attendees and emerging consumer brands seeking equipment for the first time. Emerging Brands Central provides a dedicated space for exhibitors to convey expertise and thought leadership for first-time buyers of automation while forming meaningful connections with potential customers who may not discover them otherwise.

Maximize Exposure
Non-speaking sponsorships offer an innovative way to recognize and promote exhibitors as emerging-brands-friendly without having to spare staff during a busy show. Specially designed "panel ads"in high-traffic areas featuring your company name, logo, product image, and QR code ensure maximum exposure and recognition, driving traffic back to your booth.

On-Site Consultation
Attendees can consult with independent experts on-site who will refer them specifically to sponsoring exhibitors. This personalized interaction increases the likelihood of meaningful engagements and business opportunities. 

Limited Exclusive Spaces
Act fast to secure your space in specific product categories with our first-come, first-serve basis. The "panel ads" are organized by category, guaranteeing that your brand is associated with a targeted segment and limiting competition for maximum impact.

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