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3 Questions to Ask About Audience When Buying Media

Keep these important questions about audience in mind when planning your next campaign.

Savvy marketers know that their campaigns will rise or fall by the quality of audience reached. So when working with trade media, it’s important to know that not every publisher operates the same way. The following questions can help ensure you’re getting the right audience.

3 Audience Questions You Should Know

How Is Digital Engagement Defined? The last thing you want to do is pay for emails being sent to someone who never opens them, whether due to lack of interest or possibly even having moved out of the industry. Asking a publisher about whether they deploy to only engaged users—email recipients who have opened and clicked on content—and what the standard for engagement is can help you steer clear of list bloat. (PMMI Media Group drops anyone from its email who hasn’t engaged with content in six months.)

How Are Fresh Names Added? The traditional approach to print media audience development is for trade publishers to rent lists from similar but non-competitive publications, call the people on the list and ask the individuals whether they want to subscribe. The trouble with such an approach is that despite a publisher’s best efforts, sometimes those lists won’t contain the sorts of companies and titles that are destined to be the most desired buyers. To ensure fresh names—and also the most coveted names—PMMI Media Group employs a couple of unique approaches.

1) PMMI Media Group’s focus on growth mode. The media group uses a variety of modern research techniques to find food, beverage, healthcare and other manufacturing companies that are taking steps to grow their businesses, such as launching new products. These tend to be the harder-to-find, mid-market companies that are more likely to be in expansion mode and hence likely to need new automation and packaging products. With each issue, the media group is continually “trying out” new audience in growth mode that will have greatest likelihood of becoming product purchasers, ensuring a constant influx of fresh eyes throughout the year.

2) Trade show alignment. For Packaging World, ProFood World and Healthcare Packaging, there is no higher quality potential buying audience than PACK EXPO attendees.

What Targeting Is Available? The narrower the audience, the easier it is for a marketer to offer relevant content and in turn experience higher campaign success due to this relevancy. That’s why asking about targeting options is so important.

The PMMI Audience Network products let marketers choose recipients from the media group’s vast database of packaging, processing and automation professionals. Options are available to target by vertical market, processes within a plant and buying interest. In this way, marketers are able to reach desired audience segments without wasted spend and using the best tailored message. PMMI Audience Network targeting is available to advertisers with Packaging World, Automation World and ProFood World for email, video pre-roll, display ads, Facebook ads and direct mail.

Talk to your sales rep today about targeting opportunities or call Wendy Sawtell, VP/Sales at (847) 784-0520.

3 Questions to Ask About Audience When Buying Media

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Elizabeth Kachoris

Elizabeth Kachoris is Sr. Director of Digital & Data at PMMI Media Group.