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Easy Ideas to Boost Your Email Messaging

Email need more attention from prospects? Try these three easy ideas.

Crafting the perfect pipeline email isn’t easy, from choosing the right offer to wording your message just right. Yet many marketers miss simple opportunities to get more out of these efforts.

Sometimes just a little extra spin can return far greater rewards. Before you reach out to new prospects, check out these three message-boosting ideas.

3 Email Message Boosters

Segment Your Message. Given so much competition for the inbox, relevancy is key to boosting opens. Something as simple as calling out the recipient’s vertical industry or job title in your subject line can help your email stand out from the crowd.

Give Just as Much Attention to Pre-Header Text as Your Subject Line. Know that short blurb of intro text that appears beneath the subject line on your smartphone’s inbox? That’s your pre-header. Too many marketers either stick their opt-out information there or avoid using pre-header text altogether and simply allow their platform to scrape the email’s body text. Instead, a far more effective approach is to use this space to deliberately tease why your prospect should open the email, paying particular attention to including any key concepts or terms in the first 34 characters (factory settings for most cell phones will preview this much before truncation, allowing for around 60 characters in portrait view). Want to get a sense of how your email subject line with pre-header will appear on the most popular mobile devices? Try this free tool:

Include E-Blast Extensions. The key to good messaging is enough frequency to get—and stay—top of mind. While email is great for getting your brand in front of potential buyers, it unfortunately lacks staying power beyond the initial email open. One way successful marketers ensure their brand continues to stay on prospects’ radar is to leverage use of an “eblast extension,” retargeting individuals who opened the message with web display ads. With PMMI Media Group eblast extensions, your ads will follow those who have engaged with your email for 30 days. Ads are served in four sizes across 130,000 brand-safe websites viewers visit. (For more information, visit the PMMI Media Group Hub and search your desired brand for "E-Blast Extension."

Easy Ideas to Boost Your Email Messaging

Written by

Sarah Loeffler