Finding your target audience in a more private world

How Apple and Google privacy policies and changes to third-party cookies affect your advertising.

We’ve all seen headlines for changes Apple and Google are making to privacy policies and tracking technologies as well as the foreboding “death” of the 3rd party cookie. At PMMI Media Group, we have a technical team that keeps up to date on these changes and provides business solutions to ensure that our marketing products will continue to work for our advertisers.


The main idea of these changes is to provide increased privacy to the consumer so that hidden technologies commonly called pixels or cookies are more difficult for marketers to use to “follow” people around the internet. You may have seen this in your own life when you were online shopping for a product, then saw those same or similar products advertised to you on an unrelated site. Many times, these ads drive clicks and purchases, but it has led to a “big brother” fear among consumers.

Apple and Google privacy policies

In the fall of 2021, Apple included changes to their privacy policy and Google has announced similar changes to their platform coming in 2022. These changes affect the way all email service providers can track email opens and gives the option for consumers to "not be followed" when using different devices.  This makes it harder for marketers to know when an email was opened or when a website visit occurs from these platforms.

At PMMI MediaGroup, we will see the same increase as other companies, but since we report on clicks in our emails, our products will not be affected by this update.

Changes to the third-party cookie rules

Google has been saying for years that they will remove the ability to plant third-party cookies to track consumers between websites in their Chrome browser. OnceGoogle does this for Chrome, it is assumed other browsers will follow their lead.An example might be that when someone visits, we can’t plant a cookie so that the same person is recognizable to us on www.profoodworld.comas they are two different websites.

PMMIAudience Network and pixel tracking

The common theme among all these changes is the desire to increase privacy for all internet users. This means that our ability to place pixels to build and serve audiences off-platform like Facebook and native ads will also change. We have a technical team that keeps up to date on these changes and adjusts how we create our audiences to best serve your content. Since we have Personally IdentifiableInformation (PII) such as email and company name on many of our audiences, these changes can be mitigated as we rely less on pixels than other marketing firms. The elimination of the third-party cookie won’t affect our ability to target our audiences on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Why doing business with a quality B2B media company is more important than ever

In many cases, these new policies are good for consumers, but more challenging for marketers. Audiences will be more difficult to track and serve ads across paid social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Working with a quality B2B media company combats most of these concerns because we serve your ads to a qualified, known audience.

Our Facebook audience network campaigns are served to PMMI Media Group’s known, first-party audience and do not rely on these tracking technologies. We have a content team that writes relevant content that builds a direct relationship between PMMI MediaGroup brands and our audiences. In addition, we host one of the largest trade shows in North America, PACK EXPO, and our registrants consist of end-user decision makers and industry professionals where we collect first-party data.

In this way, we are uniquely able to build qualified first-party audiences and serve ads to those audiences. Similar audiences will be unavailable for purchase elsewhere as a result of these privacy policy changes.

Finding your target audience in a more private world

Written by

Elizabeth Kachoris

Elizabeth Kachoris is Sr. Director of Digital & Data at PMMI Media Group.