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Niche Trade Show Didn’t Happen? 3 Ideas to Recapture Leads from Industry Verticals

With loss of spring shows, pipeline for many has been challenged. Here’s what you can do right now to help make up for shortfalls.

Studies show nearly one-fourth to one-third of B2B marketing budgets tend to focus around live events. With many spring and summer niche shows being cut or postponed, pipeline for many suppliers at present is challenged. It’s not enough to hope this shortfall will be made up by folks finding your website and filling out a form­­–in fact, relying on this passive approach is a sure-fire way to miss out on potential business.

So what’s a marketer to do?

3 Ways to Reach Those in Industry Verticals

Consider updating your marketing strategy in the following key ways.

Draw Traffic to Your Website Using Social to Target Them. Too many suppliers think about sharing content and promotions using only their own accounts on Facebook or LinkedIn. But you can also draw traffic to your website by targeting prospects on their feeds.

With PMMI Media Group, advertisers are able to use paid social ads to reach the exact same individuals from the PMMI database that they do in print and in email. There are more than 40(!) vertical markets to select from (see targeting categories and audience size:

Highlight Your Expertise Around the Niche Area Within Trade Media. Even though a niche show might not have happened, it doesn’t change editors’ desires to cover the particular industry—they’re just as eager to learn about trends and share best practices as ever, only with reduced access to sources that would have been made at the event. By offering up your subject matter experts to discuss trends or customer referrals for possible case studies, you significantly increase chances of your company receiving organic news coverage—and prospect attention–– in the niche area. Event cancellations or postponements are an ideal time to focus heavily on sending press releases to media contacts. (Pro tip: To contact individual editors at PMMI Media Group, search “About Us” from each magazine’s home page. And for practical advice to get your press releases noticed, be sure to read “Top Tips to Get Editors to Listen.” )

Take Advantage of Paid Channels. While your existing customer list is likely filled with many great contacts, it’s not helping you reach new eyes. To bring in more audience from the verticals you desire, you’ll need to look outward.

In a recent survey, 52 percent of buyers said they relied on trade media magazines, websites or newsletters to inform their most recent purchase decision. (2019 Packaging End User Buying Insights Study)

Top ways to appeal to an audience around a particular vertical using email with a trade media audience include:

  • Sharing case studies that feature end users from the vertical (named or anonymous)
  • Referencing the vertical in subject lines and body copy
  • Taking the extra effort to ensure your product photos depict use in relation to the vertical
  • Organizing areas of your website around the vertical and using links to these defined areas in campaigns

Keeping an Eye on What’s Ahead

The good news? Many shows are still on the horizon. To keep up with the latest events in your market and any changes, be sure to visit PMMI Media Group’s magazine sites. Each site features an “Events” page that lists upcoming shows, dates and registration info.

Targeted Covers: A High-Impact Way to Get in Front of Select Decision Makers

Always wanted to be on the cover of a magazine? Now you can! Advertisers can appear on a digitally printed second cover of Packaging World, Automation World or Healthcare Packaging that is sent to a targeted audience meeting your criteria. You’ll be able to send the edition with your cover to as few as 1,500 or as many as 7,000 readers, selecting by industry or company.
Each issue with your targeted cover will feature a message from you that’s personalized with the recipient’s name. And you can even add up to 250 non-duplicated names from your own prospect list to the mailing.
For more details, view the PMMI Media Group Hub and search the relevant brand for “Targeted Cover.”
Niche Trade Show Didn’t Happen? 3 Ideas to Recapture Leads from Industry Verticals

Written by

Sarah Loeffler