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Top Tips to Get Editors to Listen

How can you make sure your next press release gets noticed? Try these sure-fire attention-getters.

Feel like you’re always writing press releases, but not getting the media attention you deserve? Sometimes just a few small tweaks can make all the difference in getting the attention of an editor.  Follow these simple (and editor-approved!) tips when submitting your next press release.

Editor Attention-Getters

Prioritize Visuals. Why one story gets better positioning over another often comes down to great photos, and trade press editors recognize this. So when they are choosing between two equally compelling pitches they’ll often follow up with the one that can also provide strong visual appeal.

For marketers, this means you should focus on prioritizing visuals with your press releases. Provide good-quality (high resolution) images whenever possible. Share them in a way that they are easy for the editor to access (ideally, an easy-to-download link, so as not to get caught in spam). And provide at least a couple of options whenever possible.

Think Benefits. Focus on how your product addresses a customer pain point, rather than product features. For example, don’t say you’re coming out with “the ZR2-10, the latest coffee filling model,” rather, say you’re coming out with “the highest-precision filling solution in the coffee space.” This latter version helps the editor better envision what is innovative about your news, and how it would be of most interest to readers in their day-to-day operations.

List Industry Applications as Appropriate. Why is industry so important? Editors will often tie concepts together. Perhaps they’re already doing an article on “latest trends for tea and coffee manufacturers.” If a press release comes across their desk that mentions your product is used by coffee producers, then it may just be enough to get you in. And, from your own marketing perspective, having the editor include this industry information in an article will help get your product known in those circles. Keep in mind: Readers typically think of themselves as working in X industry, not necessarily as buyers of Y equipment or services.

Don’t Be Shy About Name Dropping. Copy your PMMI Media Group sales rep on your press release submission. Doing this won’t ensure placement, of course. But he or she can often nudge the editor for follow up, so including the sales rep can be one more way to help get noticed.

Highlight True Innovation or Frame Your Content to a Larger Issue. Experienced editors know what is new and different in the space they cover, so claiming your product or a new feature is innovative when the reality is that it’s something others already are doing isn’t likely to get attention. However, if you can point to how your product or this new feature is part of a larger industry trend, you will up the likelihood of receiving follow up and being considered the next time the editor is developing a story pertaining to the trend. For example: Is your product supporting e-commerce? Or perhaps you can show how you are part of a trend of OEMs improving OEE? Or maybe your solution serves as an example of how the industry is shifting to remote management to cope with social distancing requirements. Tying yourself to bigger issues is a sure-fire way to help editors place your product’s importance in context.

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Top Tips to Get Editors to Listen

Written by

Sarah Loeffler