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A New Way to Reach Early-Stage Prospects

Discover how you can start reaching buying teams––even before an active project.

Did you know PMMI Media Group now provides the ability to target audience by the types of processes occurring in someone’s plant? This capability allows you to reach more of the buying team, and not just those who have reported a buying interest.

Being able to access this information is key, as buying decisions increasingly involve larger numbers of decision makers. Research shows 6.8 individuals on average are involved in B2B solutions purchases (“The New B2B Sales Imperative,” Harvard Business Review, 2017). And more than 40 percent of buyers report they have formal buying groups or committees in place to review purchases (B2B Buyer’s Survey Report, Demand Gen Report, 2018).

Knowing which processes are used at an individual’s plant is a way to reach not only an initial researcher, but also the rest of the entities involved during the buying process prior to active projects.

Benefits of Plant Process Data

Key ways you can use plant process data are to:

• Build awareness and interest among influencers and decision makers long before machines wear out

• Be top of mind when new projects crop up or the winds of change blow

• Begin influencing product preference when prospects are at earliest stages of awareness and research

When to Target Plant Process Versus Buying Interest

Neither option trumps the other. It’s simply a matter of using whichever one best matches your particular goals.

Funnel. Plant process data is best suited for upper-funnel activities; Buying interest is mid-level.

Timing. Plant process data is good year round, especially during campaign build ups; Buying interest is best immediately after shows.

Desired Audience.Plant process data will help you reach the entire market for your product; Buying interest data will give you smaller, cream-of-the-crop reach.

Purpose. Plant process data is great to use when you’re seeking to move the hearts and minds of your brand over time; Buying interest data will help you drive traffic to your website now.

Plant Process Targeting Criteria

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A New Way to Reach Early-Stage Prospects

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