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An Easy Way to Create Engaging Case Studies

One of the most effective content resources you can create are customer success stories that focus on best-practice takeaways—and it isn’t hard to do with this simple template.

Case studies that focus on customer success stories are a valuable way to showcase your team’s capabilities and expertise, particularly in instances where traditional earned media coverage simply won’t do—such as when the customer needs to be blinded or there is strong desire for message control.

And whether the customer is blinded or not, these content pieces are hugely important to end users. In fact PMMI Media Group’s researchers have found that aside from product demo videos and spec sheets, case studies are the most valued form of content to end users—outpacing even webinars and long-form content, such as e-books (Source: PMMI Media Group 2019 Packaging End User and Supplier Buying Insights Study, 2019).

When a supplier is looking to serve different verticals, case studies take on particular importance: End users note that winning suppliers are more likely than others “to demonstrate applications or projects relevant to my industry” (rating this quality higher than even promptness of the supplier’s initial response in importance).

Answer These 4 Questions and (Bam!) You’ve Got a Case Study

How can you create frequent case study content without spending too much time or writing effort? It’s not hard to do once you have a template. Simply talk to some of your team involved in the effort and gather a few brief sentences of response to the following questions:

  • What was the existing situation or “challenge”? (Provide a few details about the client [named or unnamed] and what wasn’t working)
  • What steps did you take with the client to remedy or provide a “solution”?
  • What were the benefits and lessons learned with this approach?
  • What was the end result? (Quantify any benefits if at all possible)

With a few images relevant to the industry served and/or product type employed with the project, you should easily have enough content for a spread or double-sided page.

And with this content, you’ll now have a downloadable resource to use for email campaigns, advertorials or assets to link to with paid social media ads. And once you have a stable of case studies representing your key project areas, you’ll be able to better target your media efforts—helping to garner business from similar end users looking for your relevant expertise.

An Example for Inspiration

View a writing sample from a manufacturer that successfully employed this case study approach!

No Customer Willing to Be Identified? Don't Let That Stop You

An Easy Way to Create Engaging Case Studies

Written by

Sarah Loeffler