Are You a Marketing Ninja?

Discover these "marketing secret weapons” to tackle your next project challenge.

Find someone to do voiceover. Check. Translate these subtitles for Brazil. Gotcha. Find someone to help us build a chatbot for the website. Oh, dear…

Today’s marketers need ninja-like skills to master so many content demands. Being able to call on the right resources is key, whether looking for writing, graphic design, video assistance or tech help.

Below are three of my favorite “secret weapons” to help the next time you need to whip out some ninja moves!

3 Marketing Secret Weapons Find and hire talented freelancers. boasts 3,000,000 members world-wide, with a searchable database detailing experience levels and fees in all sorts of areas, from writing and design to legal services. Use for freelance services on demand covering everything from video animation and writing to programming and tech. (Want a lift? Be sure to stop by the silly “Fun & Lifestyle” options as well. Hmmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t have just shared my secret prank war go-to…)

Upwork. Also access a global reach of freelancers with Site visitors can get help for web development, mobile development, writing, marketing support and much, much more.

Are You a Marketing Ninja?

Written by

Sarah Loeffler