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Leveraging Targeted Pre-Roll for Marketing Success

Pre-roll ads deliver a captive audience––but do you know how to sustain interest? Read here for high-performance tips.

Just the mention of pre-roll, and folks often groan. As a viewer, who hasn’t dreaded those pesky several seconds that stand between your requested video and the “skip” function?

Yet pre-roll videos continue to proliferate many websites. That’s because as a marketer, this same level of disruptiveness can make them a vital part of strategy. Think about it: Nowhere else can marketers ensure such a captive audience. What’s more, pre-roll videos provide:

  • High success in getting in front of the desired audience—no limitations around needing email permission or getting through spam filters
  • Ability to reach audiences where they already are consuming media, whether the viewer is checking daily news or reading about a sports hobby, across hundreds of thousands of websites rather than one particular publisher
  • Ability to target audiences by interest and not just demographic info
  • Sustained brand awareness

Tips for Pre-Roll Success

Although most pre-roll is 10 to 15 seconds, the ability to skip usually comes in after the first five seconds. Because marketers have such a brief moment to make an impact, it’s important to get your strategy right. When pursuing pre-roll, follow these key tips:

Keep Your Call to Action Simple. Pre-roll videos aren’t the place for sharing nuanced thought leadership or detailed sales pitches. Instead, everything about the video should be driving the viewer to a basic understanding or experience of the product. Machine demos, examples of different product types or an answer to a frequently asked question about your product can be compelling content that will drive B2B buyers to view more.

Pretend You Have Only 5 Seconds. The reality is that some of the audience will skip as soon as the opportunity arises. So to maximize brand awareness and drive traffic to your website, you’ll want to have your branding and the most basic version of your message within the first few frames. Also, keep viewer comprehension in mind. Simplify all visuals and text. (Pro tip: Keep in mind viewers can go to your website with one click, so no need to include your phone number or URL!)

Pair Your Video with the Right Landing Page. Don’t just drop folks onto your company’s home page. Make it easy for them to find the desired content: If your viewer is expecting a machine demo, then make sure that demo is prominent on the landing page. Any friction in accessing content will result in page abandonment.

Keep Viewer Experience in Mind. Many sites will mute ads. Try to rely on visual cues or brief captions to tell your message even when sound isn’t available. Also, be sure to change up your creative from time to time. If someone views your ad several times and hasn’t taken the intended action, then they’re not  likely to suddenly engage.

To see examples of successful pre-roll targeting with PMMI Media Group, see “Which Marketers Are Doing Pre-Roll Well?.”

PMMI Media Group’s Targeted Pre-Roll

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Leveraging Targeted Pre-Roll for Marketing Success

Written by

Sarah Loeffler