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Tips for Webinars that Wow

Read these “wow-builders” for promoting and developing your next webinar.

Webinars present an ideal platform for the how-to information that end users crave. So it’s no wonder they’re a staple of many marketers’ lead gen efforts.

Yet all webinars are not created equal. To get the best performance, consider the recommendations below.

Webinar “Wow-Builders”

Choose a Topic That’s Not Too Niche. One of the biggest mistakes marketers will make is not spending enough time thinking about topic. Dazzling slides will be meaningless if you don’t interest the right audience.

Something too generic won’t feel compelling enough to draw prospects, while focusing too narrowly will inherently result in low attendance. One successful way to strike the right balance is to focus fairly broadly but also ensure enough practical information to be distinct.

One way you can accomplish this goal is by featuring a case study where an organization or end user addresses a common or difficult challenge. Panel discussions around issues of practical importance (tips for efficiency, improving output, etc.) also can also be helpful in this regard.

Avoid These Common Topic “Duds”

• Overly commercial content that feels like a product pitch
• A news-based webinar with little or no new information/opinion
• Content that is so technical that it can’t be explored well in a half hour

Create Clear Slides that Enhance and Support Your Message. You’ll want to use slides to illustrate your points; don’t simply read content from the deck. (For tips and several free templates for a great presentation, read the article “5 Tips to Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Pop.”)

Tease, Don’t Tell in Your Promotions. The most enticing webinar descriptions focus on key takeaways for attendees. Ask yourself: What will attendees learn/ be able to do that they couldn’t have been able to without advice from your speaker? Also, a common mistake is to summarize the entire presentation. You’ll get far more sign-ups by leaving prospects hungry to know more.

Shhh! When it’s finally “go” time, be sure you're in a quiet location. With all the hard work that goes into creating your presentation, you’ll want to make sure everyone can hear you. Always avoid giving a presentation in a noisy or crowded area. And be sure to turn off any alerts or notifications from nearby devices.

Package When Possible. When presenting multiple webinars, stagger sessions over time and promote them as a package. Doing so will be more successful than presenting the same content as occasional one-offs.

Don’t Forget to Share Content Within Your Own Circles. With content so strong, you’ll want to maximize your sponsorship by sharing access within your own channels. Consider the following checklist when examining ways to alert customers and prospects about your presentation (either when the event is happening or after the content is on-demand):

  • Post a description and registration link on your website
  • Post to LinkedIn (company page and/or individual employee pages)
  • Share a takeaway as a basis for Twitter promotion
  • Encourage technical staff to share the link with customers and/or prospects when discussing the topic or in presentations
  • Distribute as a value-add to those reading your organization’s articles or other content on the topic

Reach Out Quickly After Attendance. Leads quickly grow cold after an event, so prompt follow-up is crucial to overall success. Include anything you promised to attendees, such as a copy of the slide presentation or related content. Have a plan for additional targeted prospect nurturing and sales outreach.

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Tips for Webinars that Wow

Written by

Sarah Loeffler