Top Shortcuts for Content Marketers

Faster, better content creation—sound too good to be true? Try out these free or low-cost resources for your next project!

Faster, better content creation—sound too good to be true? One of the toughest challenges for marketers is regularly coming up with high-quality content. Try out these free or low-cost resources to make your next project easier.

Write Better

Hemingway App ( Simply write or paste your content into this free web app, and it will identify opportunities to make your copy clearer by alerting you to instances of passive voice, hard-to-read sentences, weak word choice and more.

Tweak Your Biz Title ( or BLOGABOUT ( Get creativity moving for your next blog headline, social post or webinar title by typing in a few keywords and getting back some jazzy suggestions.

Cut Editing Time

Headline Capitalization ( Never wonder which words to capitalize in a headline again! Simply paste your headline and select your style guide preference (Associated Press, APA, etc.)

WordCounter ( Paste in your copy to find out not only word count, but also the top 10 keywords and keyword density, average speaking and reading time and the educational reading level. (You’ll want to aim for lower than 10th grade level in most copy.)

Minimize Posting Errors

Grammarly for Chrome ( Normal spell checkers can’t always analyze writing for grammar mistakes or take context into account like Grammarly. With the Chrome extension, you can edit from whatever window or tab you’re in, meaning that your spelling and grammar will be vetted on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr and nearly everywhere else you write on the web.

Word 2 Clean HTML ( If you like drafting reports or blog posts in programs such as Microsoft Word, Evernote or Google Drive instead of your content management system (CMS), then this tool will be a huge time saver. Why? Because when you copy a document from Microsoft Office and paste it into your CMS, lots of little, weird formatting issues can crop up in your HTML. Word2CleanHTML applies filters to fix all those things added into the HTML, resulting in well-formatted HTML you can paste directly into your CMS.

Find Someone Else to Tackle It!

Or just turn your project to the pros. Find freelance writers using Fiverr, Upwork,  Zerys or Guru. (Pro tip: Your sales rep can pass along contact information for writers whom PMMI Media Group has worked with in the past.)

Top Shortcuts for Content Marketers

Written by

Sarah Loeffler