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Top Sources When Choosing a Topic for Your Next Webinar

Coming up with webinar topics can be easy–once you know where to look for ideas.

Stumped for a webinar approach that will appeal to a broad group of prospects? Consider these sources when identifying potential topics.

Industry Trend Reports

From Deloitte to McKinsey to trade associations, such as PMMI, many who study the industry come out yearly with research regarding changes in manufacturing practices or consumer buying behavior. Your team can lend their own perspective on what one or more of these changes will mean to prospects and how your product addresses them. 

Articles and White Papers in Trade Media

What are some of the hot topics of the day? Using a news item as a springboard, think of ways your team can showcase its expertise with how-to guidance or tips to address the issue. (See sidebar below.)

Educational Need

Chat with your sales team about the most frequently asked questions they hear from prospects in early conversations. Study the educational sessions and presentations coming out of trade shows that serve your market. By following prospect pain points, you’ll soon develop a picture of top-of-mind interests!


Popular Articles in Trade Media

Well-attended webinars often follow one of the following themes:
• Ways to solve novel challenges
• Strategies to improve sustainability, cut waste or increase production speed or yield
• Case studies, particularly if addressing a widely applicable challenge or in an industry similar to the prospect (bonus if the customer is well-known!)
• New trends or true innovations about to impact the prospect’s industry
Note how the following articles with high page views from PMMIMedia Group’s brands in 2020 demonstrate a similar focus:  
Packaging World
Solutions for a Circular Plastics Economy
How Safe is Reusable Packaging During COVID-19
Breakthroughs in Direct Digital Can Printing
PepsiCo Accelerates Plastic Waste Reduction Efforts
Top 20 Sustainable Packaging Innovations
Automation World
IoT Adoption: Before and After COVID-19
The Potential of ERP Amid a Pandemic
Emerson Adds Augmented Reality for Asset Management
Augmented Reality for Machine Troubleshooting
How Kellogg Manages Cybersecurity Risks in Manufacturing
7 KPIs to Fix COVID-19 Supply Chain Problems
COVID-19 Brings Increased Visibility to the Role of Robotics 
ProFood World
The COVID-19 Outbreak and Food Production
Social Distancing, Disinfecting, & Other Precautions for Industry During the Pandemic
Walmart’s Plan to Revolutionize Online Grocery Pickup and Delivery
How Kellogg Manages Cybersecurity Risks in Manufacturing
It’s All About the Cost, Not the Price
City Brewery Triples Production Capacity
General Mills’ Unique Plan to Keep Up with Demand
Top Sources When Choosing a Topic for Your Next Webinar

Written by

Sarah Loeffler