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Writing Engaging (And Easy-to-Create!) Trend Articles

Need to improve your content library but short on time and resources? Use this simple template for an extremely easy way to create trends articles that will get you more downloads in no time. (We’ve even included a project sample!)

Trends articles are hugely popular for B2B marketing. With these short articles, you’re able to quickly highlight top issues that should be on your customers’ radar – and how your product is well-suited to meet these changing demands.

The good news? They’re easy to produce. It just takes a bit of thinking about what is going on with the markets you serve and ways your product is keeping pace.

Formatting Your Article

Ask yourself the following to create the shape of your article. A few sentences is all you need.

  • What is the biggest pain point experienced by your customers?
  • What are 3-5 trends happening in this area they should be aware of?
  • How is your product(s) well-positioned to address the pain point in the future?

Sure, That Sounds Easy—But I’m Getting a Little Stuck on that First Part

You probably have a sense of pain points. But what is meant by “trends”? Think of aspects of your product class that have changed over time or advances in the product itself. Consider these examples:

Product Class Modernization: The Flexible Packaging Material Maker. Buyers in this area are often faced with the decision to stay the course with the materials they use or choose a more environmentally friendly option. A trend article from this marketer can focus on some of the advances in materials and why these changes are important to the buyer, such as environmental impact, effects on a company’s community reputation and the growing ease with which packagers are transitioning to new materials.

Competitive Differentiation Through Innovation: The Flow-Wrapping Packaging Machinery Maker. Buyers in this area are often faced with the decision to invest in individual flow wrapping machines or more advanced systems that are fully integrated. A trend article from this marketer can focus on how flow-wrap integration is becoming increasingly popular and a few reasons why this integration is important, such as equipment productivity efficiencies gained, improved maintenance experience and ease of service across the line.

If you spend a few moments thinking about how your product area is more advanced than it used to be or how the features or capabilities of your product are more innovative than those of competitors, you’ll soon have the shape of your article.

Project Sample

To see a complete sample from a company that has used the “trends” approach, click on “Project Sample: Trends Article.

Who Will Be the Best Audience for Trends Articles?

The beauty of trends articles is that they have extremely wide appeal. You’re likely to hit existing users looking to stay current on industry changes as well as prospects early or mid-way through the purchase process. Also, trends articles are one of the first content pieces buyers turn to as they’re looking to familiarize themselves with a product area and understand features and differences among a product class. Simply put: You can get a ton of mileage out of them!

Why Focus on Content Development?

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Writing Engaging (And Easy-to-Create!) Trend Articles

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